Violin "Guadagnini" model, 2019

This violin has been a challenge.
It has been ordered by a very friend of mine, violin player in Milan, who choose the wood by himself. We discussed about the model for years. At the end, we both choose to start from a model of the Master G.B. Guadagnini made in Cremona in 1758. The original one is quite long and the two half are not simmetric at all so I made the choise to use only one half shape. 
I personalized the "ff" holes making some changes due to my personal taste.
The scroll is inspired to a model of Garimberti which I had from previous studies and I liked it more then the original, which was not exactly in according with my taste. I wanted a big and elegant model so I found this one fitted perfect.
The color is orange in accord with the original one. Is not common from Guadagnini, that was because of the influence of Cremona enviroment. 
The sound is very direct and powerful. G and D strings are quite prensents.
Made in Amsterdam between 2019 and 2020.