After Coronavirus

June 2021, the covid emergency seems to be getting to the end. Just like everyone, last year and a half has left dramatic effects thel economy all over the world. The field of violin making has also been dramatically affected by the various lock-downs that occurred trough the whole world for more than a year. Closed theaters, the impossibility of playing at any type of event in public, have forced many musicians and consequently professionals to an abrupt and painful stop. Goverments has helped in some cases, but many of us have been struggeling to figure out an alternative way to survive.
But if on one side professional musicians have had to stop, on the other side many amateurs have decided to use the forced free time at home to approach the study of the instrument. This has inevitably generated an abrupt change in demand and we luthiers / retailers of musical instruments are adjusting to the changes in the market.

Personally I admit that  stoppingthe need to stop my work,  all my efforts and research of last years focused in building a strong  identity to create a high quality handcrafted product  that suddenly is no longer accessible, has been pretty devastating emotionally. The demand roght now don't exceed a certain budget. And the limit is so low that it makes no sense to build for these prices. And even those who had thought of buying an instrument, had to block the order already in progress. So how to be able to propose instruments without sacrificing a certain quality? So I decided to go trough a new path that allow me to offer quality instruments at affordable prices.
As everyone knows there are many modern factory products  but personally I prefer to find old [ieces, possibly from the beginning of the century and give them a strong restyle in terms of set up and eventually repair and restor.
These instruments are in fact 70-100 years old and this long age gives the wood characteristics that are impossible to find in a modern instrument.

So new proposals are coming up that I am working on, very interesting for professionals and not who have a limited budget availability!
In the midtime I'll still work on my own production, waiting for the economy and life in general to resume shortly.

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