New Instruments

If you're searching for an Italian instrument with a high level of performance and personality at a convenient price, I can help you. I make violins and violas but I am currently specialising in violas. I made my own design in 2016 with a 405 mm viola (now owned by a young musician in Molfetta-BA) and I found my perfect model with a 415mm  and 420mm length body, a model inspired by Marino Capicchioni. My personal research is focused on finding a balance between different aspects: a warm and deep sound, a graceful shape and a dark yellow/amber varnish with a high level of transparency.  See the gallery.

Repair and Set-Up

  A stringed instrument has its own life just like a person.  That is why it needs constant care. My job is to maintain your instrument and resolve any problems you may have with the sound or the playability. I do repairs and smaller restorations. I’m very passionate about retouching. See the gallery for examples of my work. Ask for a quote if you would like.


A bow plays 50% of the job. Damage can happen for many reasons;  it’s very important to be aware of how to treat your bow to prevent damage. Almost everything can be fixed however, hair, cracks, pearl work, camber, tips, and damage to metal parts.  See the gallery for examples. Ask for an evaluation.  


I use my background as a painter to make a variety of decorations on wood (cases, instruments, and accessories) with different techniques like paint or pyrography. If you are interested in personalising anything having to do with musical instruments we can discuss techniques and style.