Viola O. CECI 42cm - 2018

This instrument rapresent my own lead in violas contruction. It's my first 42 viola, inspired to a Marino Capicchioni viola, courtesy of a player of the Petruzzelli Orchestra in Bari who letted me study on it, make lots of pictures and take all the misures. What I like of this shape is the elegance of the curves, the balance between every line of the profile in other words is my kind of style. I used a very old wood and oil varnish with colophonia and amber rosins. All my studies about playability, how to make an instrument confortable to play, are in this one. If you take in your harms doesn't feels like a 42, but the powerful of the sound is hudge. Rich of colour, very warm and round sound, I'm so proud of it. Made in Amsterdam in 2017, finished at the beginning of 2018.